Simon de Belleme
Full name Simon de Belleme
Born Unknown (probably c. 1148-115
Died 1193 or 1195; Spring, 1202
Home Castle de Belleme
Occupation Nobleman
Family members
Portrayed by Anthony Valentine
First appearance "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer,part one"
Episode count 3

Baron Simon de Belleme was a nobleman and sorcerer who served the Devil. He first appeared at the "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer, part one."



As master of the black arts, Simon de Belleme controlled both Little John and Nasir, having captured the latter during the crusades. In 1193 or 1195, he captured Marion and bewitched Robin of Loxley so that the later would kill her with the Silver Arrow, but Robin struck the arrow into the Baron and slew him. In 1202, Belleme was restored to life by Lilith the Witch, who bewitched Robin, seized the Silver Arrow, and gave it to Simon (see "The Enchantment").