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Robin of Loxley
Full name Robin of Loxley
Aliases Robin Hood, Robin in the Hood, the Hooded Man, Herne's Son
Born 1173 or 1175
Died 1202 (age 27 or 29)
Birthplace Loxley
Home Sherwood Forest
Occupation Outlaw
Family members Ailric (father), Much (foster brother), Marion (wife), Richard of Leaford (father-in-law)
Portrayed by Michael Praed
First appearance "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer, part 1"
Episode count 13

Robin of Loxley is the first person known to have taken up the role of the Hooded Man. He was portrayed by Michael Praed.

After his father, Ailric, is murder when he is a young boy, Robin is raised by his uncle who is the local miller. As an adult, Robin is called by Herne the Hunter to become the prophesied "Hooded Man." Hiding in Sherwood Forest and assembling a number of men, they fight for justice and freedom.


Marion of Leaford: Robin came across Marion in the first episode and the two instantly became smitten with each other. He comes to rescue her from the clutches of Simon de Belleme who plans to use her as a sacrifice. The two become a couple and live in Sherwood Forest with the other outlaws.