Robert of Huntingdon
Full name Robert of Huntingdon
Aliases Robin Hood, Robin in the Hood, the Hooded Man, Herne's Son
Born 1181 or 1183 CE
Died Unknown, sometime after 1212 CE (presumed)
Birthplace Huntingdon
Home Sherwood Forest
Occupation Outlaw
Family members The Earl of Huntingdon (father), Lady Margaret Gisburne (mother), Sir Guy of Gisburne (half-brother), Edgar of Huntingdon (uncle)
Portrayed by Jason Connery
First appearance "The Greatest Enemy" (character); "Herne’s Son", part 1 (as played by Connery)
Episode count 13 (Connery), 14 (character)

Robert of Huntingdon is the second person known to have taken up the role of the Hooded Man, and the successor to Robin of Loxley. He was portrayed by Jason Connery.


Robert of Huntingdon was six feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was about twenty-two years old when he took on the mantle of the Hooded Man in the Spring of 1203.


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