Full name Marion of Leaford
Born 1176 or 1178 CE
Died Unknown
Birthplace Leaford
Home Sherwood Forest
Occupation Outlaw
Family members Richard of Leaford (father), Robin of Loxley (husband)
Portrayed by Judi Trott
First appearance "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer"
Episode count

Marion of Leaford was a Norman noblewoman, the daughter of Sir Richard of Leaford. She would later marry Robin of Loxley and become an outlaw in Sherwood Forest. After the death of Robin, Marion would eventually become romantically involved with Robert of Huntingdon.

Marion was portrayed by Judi Trott.


Marion was 5', 7.5" tall, with auburn hair and hazel eyes.


Early lifeEdit

Marion was born at Leaford, the daughter of Norman nobility. By the time she was seventeen, she believed her father, Sir Richard of Leaford, had died in the Crusades (her mother had died some time earlier), and had become the ward of Abbot Hugo.

Robin and MarionEdit

In the Spring of 1193 (or 1195), Marion was at Nottingham Castle, where Abbot Hugo had arranged for her to meet Baron Simon de Belleme, who wished to marry her. It was during this time that she first encountered Robin of Loxley, who had been imprisoned for poaching, and aided him in his escape from the castle.

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